American Heart Association

The American Heart Association recommends that most women consume no more than 6 teaspoons (30 grams) of added sugar per day and that most men consume no more than 9 teaspoons (45 grams) per day.


World Health Organization

The World Health Organization's proposed guidelines state that for optimal health, no more than five percent of calories per day come from added sugar. For most adults, that is about 6 teaspoons - or 25 grams.


US Dept of Agriculture

In the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that no more than about 5 to 15 percent of your total daily calories come from added sugar and solid fats.


The number of calories from sugar consumed by the average American each day!


The number of pounds of sugar the average American consumes each year!


The number of pounds you could gain this year by consuming one soda a day!


The number of Americans who are overweight or obese - in millions!

Sugar – The Facts

Is sugar toxic?

Sugar consumed in large quantities over an extended period of time may indeed be toxic. Excessive consumption of sugar can lead to obesity, metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer.

Why do we crave sugar?

Prehistoric humans could go days without a meal. Back then, the more calories we consumed, the better. Today, the brain still rewards us for consuming sweet, high-calorie foods. Unfortunately, it can’t distinguish between an apple and a piece of fudge.

Does sugar make you fat?

Since 1990, the percentage of Americans who are seriously overweight (obese) has tripled. During roughly the same period, our consumption of sugar increased about 25 percent!

How much sugar do we consume?

The average American consumes about 32 teaspoons (160 grams) of added sugar a day. That’s over 120 pounds of sugar a year!

Is sugar addictive?

A recent study found that the more sugar a person eats, the less satisfaction he feels and the more sugar he wants. The same phenomenon occurs with alcoholics and drug addicts who begin to need more and more of their drugs to get the same high.

Is sugar hidden in our food?

Food manufacturers have perfected the science of taste engineering. Most processed foods go through extensive development and testing. One of the easiest ways to improve taste is to pile on the sugar and salt. Over 80% of items in the average grocery store contain added sugar!

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Chapter overviews


The seven steps

A chapter on each of the seven steps to kicking the sugar habit along with helpful hints for what to eat instead.

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Escape the sugar trap

An overview of the seven steps along with questions and answers about how to reduce sugar consumption.


The sugar blues

How our relationship with sugar is intimately connect to our emotions and memories.


Sugar’s everywhere

Why skipping dessert is no longer enough. We are surrounded by sugar and other dietary temptations.

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Sugar and weight gain

American have never been heavier, and it just so happens that the current explosion in obesity was accompanied by increases in sugar consumption.


Is sugar addictive?

Includes in depth look at how sugar affects our brains and what the latest research on addiction is telling us.

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Is sugar toxic?

A careful analysis of the current research on sugar and its potential health risks.

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What went wrong?

An overview of how we used sugar in the past and how our relationship with sugar has changed over time.

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Dan Bascelli

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Anne John

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I wrote the Seven Step Sugar Detox after my own struggles with eating too much sugar. I found myself snacking during the day, then coming home and having one or two desserts every night. I finally reached a point where I had to take back control. The Seven Step Detox is based on the steps I took to reduce my sugar consumption.

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